How to automate processes with your intranet

Traditionally, business operations comprise of a mix of long and tedious processes, time wasted, and reckless use of paper by both employees and employers. However, with the rise of technological advancements and the intranet automated processes, there is a transformation ongoing that reduces time and resources wastage all round.

A good intranet portal used to its full capacity can automate processes moving paper-based processes and forms online. Some of the ways a company can automate processes is by:

  1. Automation of vacation requests or annual leave

Customarily, the processing or vacation requests and annual leave would require printing of forms and sending paper trails to both employees and employers. However, you can now simply create online forms on your company intranet portal. The requests can be processed in a timelier manner. Employees can swiftly submit leave requests in seconds, arrange for the form to go to the relevant manager/s for approval and once accepted or declined, the submitter will be automatically notified.

  1. Onboarding

Intranet networks have features that can streamline, automate, and organize the onboarding processes within your company. The online forms and read/agree features available on intranet systems make it easy to facilitate and ensure that all employees have completed all necessary forms and have read the required documents.

More so, through these automated processes, you can create e-checklists and forums to manage all your onboarding processes on a centralized platform.

This automated program will improve employee retention by removing the dependency on paper documents and facilitating a steady flow of standard information for each new and future employee.

  1. Automated Incident Report Processes

Accidents and incidents are prone to happen, the problem lies in delayed responses to the incidents. In an active corporate intranet portal, you can create forms for lodging and filling in incident reports. Via these online forms, relevant parties can quickly get the vital information and instantly take the necessary measures as opposed to waiting for the paperwork to pass through the necessary hierarchy. Apart from providing these quick responses, this automated process leaves you with a record of submission in order to ensure that there is compliance.

  1. Automated Staff Training

Training is crucial part of engaging and motivating your employees. Although there is always a time and need for face-to-face training, it can be quite costly.  To avoid such expenses, you can automate processes on your intranet y using a comprehensive process tool that enables you to build detailed training modules including questionnaires and videos.

  1. Automated Supply Orders

No matter your area of business, you need resources to get the job done. The traditional process of requesting for these resources can be very slow and prone to loss of paperwork. You can automate this process by creating online forms for employees to request for materials quickly. Monthly reminders can also be set so that the requests are put in in time ensuring that there are no lags in the business processes.

The above five online processes are ways in which you can automate processes on your intranet and help your company to reduce on paper consummation and time wastage.